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Android Automotive Solutions
Android Automotive Solutions

Benefits of Android Automotive OS for OEMs

development speed

Development speed

AAOS allows companies to develop and launch high-quality automotive solutions fast, thanks to a variety of built-in features for virtualization, AVB support, various power modes, etc.


Fully customizable HMI

Android Automotive is the perfect platform for crafting unique user experiences tailored to customer’s personal preferences, all the while closely following the company’s brand image.


Vast number of Google apps and services

Google Automotive Services can radically expand your in-car functionality. Apps such as Google Maps, Google Play, and Google Assistant are as useful as they are familiar, which is a huge factor for adoption rates.

apps icons

Access to the majority of IVI features

AAOS supports a wide range of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) features: media, navigation, voice control, vehicle settings, and more. Additionally, it’s quickly becoming the number one technology for connecting one’s mobile phone to the IVI system.

Our Android Automotive services

Bamboo Apps utilises AAOS to develop comprehensive platforms and apps for vehicles, covering everything from proof-of-concept to production-ready products.

We make use of the entire range of capabilities offered by the framework, including the integration of Android Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Android Automotive API, and Android for Cars App Library.

PoC development

Want to see if your ideas have real market potential? Bamboo Apps provides prototyping and MVP development services for Android Automotive applications, complete with feasibility assessment and expert consulting to help your concept make its break in the Automotive industry.

Platform development

The team of Bamboo Apps helps automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers deliver unique infotainment and mobility experiences based on the Android Automotive OS, owing to our specialists’ proficiency in adapting, customising, and integrating AAOS platform architecture with smart vehicle systems, cloud services, and mobile devices.

Quality is our priority, and we employ emulator-based testing to ensure reliable and high-performance solutions that our clients can depend on.

Additionally, we provide compatibility with various in-car hardware platforms by implementing custom vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs) for AAOS.

Android Automotive app development

Bamboo Apps has the expertise to create Android Automotive apps that expand the driving experience with advanced entertainment, navigation, analytics, diagnostics, and connectivity features. The AAOS apps can be accessed from the Google Play store and downloaded to AAOS systems via GAS.

We leverage the highly popular Android for Cars App Library, as well as best engineering practices and a customised approach to every client to deliver apps that are efficient and feature-rich (read more about the functionality we can implement below). We also closely follow all automotive industry standards, be it distraction prevention, screen size variability, or safety.

HMI design

The Bamboo Apps design team has years of experience in creating intuitive and standard-compliant interfaces for vehicles. Our design philosophy combines your unique brand identity with modern industry sensibilities, allowing for seamless interaction between driver and software via touch, voice, and other controls.

Maintenance and support

We are committed to keeping your Android Automotive system up-to-date, secure, and delivering exceptional user experiences throughout its lifecycle. As part of our maintenance services, we provide:

  • Platform and app upgrades
  • Bug fixes and performance optimization
  • Integration with new vehicle models
  • Compatibility with Android releases
  • Feature enhancements and updates


Advanced in-vehicle onboarding system

View case study


Advanced in-vehicle onboarding system

View case study
AAOS project example

Features we implemented in AAOS apps

Android Automotive offers a lot of developer freedom, especially to those willing to experiment with the platform’s capabilities and the unique context of a given project. Just like that, the team of Bamboo Apps has gained experience of implementing a range of advanced features when working with AAOS solutions.

In-app authorization

We can implement multiple types of secure user authentication (password, two-factor, biometric, etc.) to protect sensitive customer and corporate data, as well as driver privacy.

Media content

Our team can enrich AAOS applications with engaging video and stereo content. We make sure drivers can enjoy films, podcasts, articles, and music while still keeping their full attention on the road.

Speech dialog system

The developers of Bamboo Apps have enabled natural voice-based interactions with Android Automotive apps to enhance hands-free usability and accessibility.

Voice assistant

We can help you bring extra convenience to drivers and passengers in the form of an integrated voice assistant. Bamboo Apps has experience in creating smart assistant systems that naturally respond to voice commands and provide contextual advice.

Telemetrics integration

We can get the most out of advanced vehicle connectivity by integrating telemetry data to enhance analytics, diagnostics, environmental analysis, and remote monitoring capabilities.

GPS and POI features

Our developers can add navigation, geofencing, and other location-based functionality to your AAOS software, alongside personalised recommendations via GPS and point-of-interest (POI) features.


Our team can outfit your Android Automotive solution with timely and relevant notifications that will keep users informed and engaged while minimising driver distraction.


We can allow drivers to make effortless transactions within an AAOS application with quick and secure in-vehicle payments (for example, by integrating popular payment services such as Stripe or PayPal).

Why Bamboo Apps?

Trusted by global OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers

The team of Bamboo Apps has earned the recognition of multiple industry juggernauts, having collaborated with such carmakers as Jaguar Land Rover, Mitsubishi Electric, Rinspeed, and Škoda Auto.

Strong HMI design expertise

We believe usability and visual appeal go hand in hand. Our designers take great care in following industry guidelines and the client’s brand image to create HMIs that are modern, intuitive, and unique.

Over 10 years of experience in Android development

Our team has been crafting Android applications for over a decade, with specialists boasting 5 years of experience on average. In other words, we have the expertise to deal with any challenges the automotive market can throw at us.

Compliance with industry standards

Bamboo Apps adheres to the most relevant automotive software development guidelines, such as ISO 27001, ISO 26262, and others. We closely monitor any industry changes to keep our practices safe and up to date.

HAL implementation capabilities

Bamboo Apps can develop and implement Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs) to optimise the interaction between AAOS software and the vehicle’s hardware. This ensures smooth and reliable performance and seamless compatibility with a wide range of automotive platforms.

Emulator-based testing before production

We validate the performance, functionality, and reliability of our software well before it goes into production with the help of Polestar, Stapp Automotive, and TomTom emulators. This helps us weed out issues early, saving everyone a lot of headache down the road.

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